Oskin Paris label

“Passionate about the beautiful materials, I always loved working with my hands and creating my own models.

After taking leatherwork lessons during few years, I had the chance to discover ostrich leather with Odile who passed on to me her love for this beautiful leather!  

Odile then guided me through South Africa to select the most beautiful skins and work with one of the best for ostrich leather.

Our past collaboration and the trust that came with it helped me to take the plunge and to embark on this new adventure!


A sustainable farming

The ostrich is an endemic species in South Africa, whose cradle is located in the Klein Karoo.

The experience of local farmers is centuries old. Their first objective is to respect the well-being of these damselflies and to do so, they privilege breeding in the wild.

This eco-responsible practice has the effect of minimizing the impact on biodiversity. 

The Klein Karoo region lives from ostrich farming. It is thus by respecting their environment and by finely managing the resources of the veld that the farmers perpetuate this ancestral farming.

All these reasons make the South African ostrich a truly responsible choice!

The tannery

Tanning is the key element in the production process that results in a very fine leather with intense colors.

This ranges from preparation to tanning, during which skin protection treatments, hair and flesh removal, tanning and finishing treatments take place.

The numerous manipulations undergone by the skin up to its coloration are essentially manual.

The tannery uses a non-toxic chrome tanning method and has its own research and development team that works constantly to develop more sustainable and responsible tanning methods.

The workshop

Over the past 20 years, Loretta has acquired an expertise in the manufacture of ostrich leather goods.

Loretta has passed on her artisanal know-how to a dozen workers who now work in her own workshop. Accompanied by her daughter, Loretta contributes to the economic and social life of Cape Town thanks to the training and fair remuneration of her employees.

It is therefore thanks to Loretta and her team that we can offer you unique models with perfect finishes made with respect for people!