A leather of the greatest luxury, ostrich skin can be identified by its uniquely “pearled” surface. Supple, light and highly resistant, this material is the perfect match for any colour or style. Over the decades, ostrich leather takes on a burnished patina, reflecting the history of the person wearing it. A truly pleasurable material on your skin, ostrich leather is perfect for both everyday wear and for more glamorous occasions.
Odile Texier is passionate about this soft and sensual leather. She selects the skins from producers supplying the biggest luxury fashion labels and creates exclusive and accessible models so everyone can discover the unique sensations of real ostrich leather for themselves.

Genuine ostrich leather

We personally select our ostrich skins from the largest producer in the world, in South Africa, to guarantee quality that could grace the most exclusive catwalks on the planet.

Singular expertise

We want to give ostrich leather the depth of sensuality and modernity that it deserves. We revel in simple forms and an almost minimalist approach to design, creating products which serve to highlight the exceptional quality of the leather.

Fair prices

Our products are created in a workshop by a team of women who are paid and treated in accordance with Fair Trade ethical guidelines. Oskin is not just about fashion, it’s a step forward for humanity.